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~Questions and Answers~

Q:What Specialty Facial is best for me?

A:Here are some general tips to help you navigate through the menu:

If you're looking to be pampered and relax- The Healing Facial or our NEW Wellness Facelift

Want a deep cleanse for blackheads, general congestion, and/or acne breakouts? - Acne/Extraction Facial

Specific skincare goals - You can choose any of the Specialty Facials with confidence knowing that you'll have a great experience. Each facial begins with a skin analysis so that any concerns or questions can be addressed.

Q: What is Milia?

A: Milia are small superficial cysts commonly seen on the face, generally around the eyes and cheeks but can be found elsewhere. They will appear as tiny, pearly-white bumps that contain keratin (skin protein) just under surface of the skin and are harmless. A consultation is required before scheduling for the best results. 

Q: What products do you recommend to help Milia?

A: I highly suggest the Ageless Hydrating Serum. This serum is perfect for all skin types and restores moisture to maintain skin barrier function (which aids in the production of milia). Apply the serum 2-4 weeks prior to your milia extraction service. This will allow easier extractions and lessen the appearance of milia in the future. I carry the serum in the spa for purchase ($30.00).

Q: I am interested in Microdermabrasion but concerned that it will hurt or that I'll need time to recover afterwards?

A: One of the misconceptions about microdermabrasion is that it hurts or will leave your face red. Neither one of these is true. This is a wonderful treatment that gives the skin a deeper exfoliation and leaves you glowing.

*Please Note: Those with Sunburn, Inflammed Rosacea, Pregnancy, Active Cold Sores, Stroke/Heart Conditions, Topical Facial Medications or Recent Chemo/Radiation should avoid this service.   

Q: I'm interested in Chemical Peels and how will it help my skin?

A: The best Chemical Peel for your skin is chosen during an in office consultation and can vary in strength and recovery. Contraindications, realistic expectations, and post care are addressed at your visit.

Chemical peels benefit the skin's tone & texture, balance out hyperpigmentation, age spots, scarring, and superficial lines & wrinkles. Most skincare goals require a series of peels.